Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Buoyancy is the ability to float in water. The deeper you go, the less weight you have to bear. Based on buoyancy principles, an athlete immersed in water up to his or her neck bears 10% of their body weight. If the water is at chest level, they bear 25% of their weight, and if water is at hip level, they bear 50% of their body weight. Water's zero-impact environment is ideal for getting in shape or recovering from an injury. The weightlessness it provides means an athlete can get an intense workout with less joint stress and pressure. Stretching out tight muscles is much easier because water's buoyancy helps improve range of motion. In addition, athletes can rehabilitate without further straining injuries. They can begin therapy protocols much sooner than on land and condition during treatments. This means they stay in shape during recovery and are ready to play as soon as they heal


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